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Hello hello!
Two days ago, in Saturday I went with my friends to the Warsaw's ZOO for the event called "Japan in the ZOO" (^^)

it was pretty fun! I love animals and they have so many of them there <3 and most of them are quite rare and really beautiful!

anyways, we were able to see caligraphy, martial arts show, Japanese kids playing on Tanko (they were SO GOOD D: !!!!! and cute hahah! ), there also were shogi and mahjong, bonsai exhibition, 'Nagomi' shop with Japanese products and stuff and of course two sushi stations :3 ~!

it was very hot and looked like shit lol
besides, I overslept and had like 15 minutes for everything (-___-);

but when we were going to leave the ZOO, we stopped by one sushi station, Matsuri. They had a nice Japanese sushi master (Taira Matsuki-san). He was making really nice futomaki with cute sakura flowers, trains, frogs and samurai's faces (^^) we started commenting it, that it's so cute and he said in (quite weak... )polish that it's not for sale. So I asked if they sell them in the restaurant and then we started talking in japanese :D he was really nice and funny (^^) he said "you look like these girls from Shibuya!" and we started laughing xD I said "because I'm a polish gyaru ;D " and he went like "MAJI? (really?) ganguro?" hahahha~
that was really cute of him (*o*) the best compliment I've ever heard :D really! I was kinda surprised tho, I looked so bad and I was very tired then, I have no idea how could he tell that haha, but still, it felt nice.

my mega shitty face, ugleh (-___-);

but at least we got some free sushi :D ! and then girls laughed that's because of me ;D hahaha, I don't know about that, but I love sushi >.> and a fresh and free sushi is always better ;Dv

but anyways, I got some stuff

a fan (for free XD lol ), chopsticks and a postcard with manekineko

you can also see Nagomi's card and a leaflet from Matsuri sushi.

it was fun after all, really 83

I can't wait for the next event like that :D !!!