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Hi guys~

you know I always hyave problems with fake lashes lol
but on the fashion show my friend gave me a pair, I would never think I would look good with O:
these kind of lashes always made me look like a transvestite which wasn't making me really happy you know..
but they look so good!
so she let me take these pair and I had them on today :D

they actually give your eyes a bit dolly look which I REALLY LOVE!

you can say they're fake, that's obvious. but you don't look like a drag queen~!

besides, live, they look 518484151452 times better :D !

so, anyways...

I decided to order the whole pack of them (^3^)

you can find them on ebay, just look for "fake lashes" or "false lashes" and a bunch of cheap falsies will show up! I loveeee cheap XD lol

anyways, they're eally soft and look very sweet

besides, I promised to show more pics the Night of Museum event!

so, maybe I will even have more sooner or later, but check them out (at least these I currently own XD )

and as a bonus! video from the our first (of three :D ) show!

hihihi, it was really fun!

although, we were very stressed 'cause we had problems with some people who were "organising" it (-.-)

anyhow, nobody noticed our problems so it was alright.